Leagues and Tournaments


home_sport_section_5Video Gaming has never been so much fun. As you know, GSM is a mobile video game experience for up to 16 people at a time.  We are offering Video Game Leagues starting in March for children,teens and adults to explore the world of gaming with same age peers.  They will battle, race, jam, and compete, while increasing social skills, sharpening visual- and fine-motor skills, and learning to work well in groups and teams.  Why sit at home and game alone when you can come out and meet other kids,and adults with similar gaming interests.

How does it work?home_sport_heading_sep

The leagues will meet for two hours every week for a total of 8 weeks.  During the first session, the leagues will meet for 3 hours so that participants can get to know one another, choose officers, decide on a schedule of activities for the remaining 7 sessions, and of course play.  Although GSM will supervise the play, encourage participation and cooperation, and help facilitate activities, it will be up to the youth to decide on the games played, the types of competitions and tournaments to be held, as well as any investigation and/or analysis of the video game industry. Eventually we would like to have leagues established all over the greater Indianapolis area that can compete against one another, just like any sports league would.

The short answer is anyone!  Leagues will exist for three different age groups – 11 to 14, and ages 15 to 18, 18 and above.Boys and girls are welcome and leagues will be cooed unless we get enough participants to do an all girls league or all boys league.

home_sport_heading_sepHow many participants are needed to start a league? 

We need a minimum of 12 participants to start a league.  We will cap it at 20 participants, but if we have more than 20 interested, we will split the group and do more than one league.

home_sport_heading_sepWhere will the Leagues meet? 

We are hoping to start multiple leagues in multiple communities, giving your child a chance to play close to home.  We are looking to work with local businesses and park districts to offer the leagues at their respective establishments.

home_sport_heading_sepHow much does it cost? 

The cost may vary from community to community and depending on the business or group that is helping GSM to sponsor the league.  However, the cost will most likely range from $160 to $180 for the 8 week session.  That will include a free GSM t-shirt and hat, as well as other small prizes and awards throughout the 8 week session.  Furthermore, your session fee may or may not include free food each week depending on the specific location of the league and the sponsoring business.  The goal is for the leagues to continue for as long as the participants want them to beyond the initial 8 week sessions, and any additional session fees can be offset by fundraisers if the participants choose to organize and implement them.

Video Game Tournaments
GSM offers a number of video game tournaments with games such as NBA 2K, Madden NFL, Call of Duty, Halo, Street Fighter,Mortal Kombat, and a number of other current and popular titles.  Tournaments can be scheduled as part of a fundraiser, festival, or party, and they can be organized for specific groups to make them fair and competitive.  We typically offer a free two hour party as the grand prize, as well as t-shirts and trophies to the top three finishers.  T-shirts and hats can also be given out to each participant as part of their entry fee.  The cost will depend on a number of factors, including the number of tournament participants, any other sponsorships, the need for goody bags, etc.
Please e-mail gamestarmobile@gmail.com or call us at (855)317-GAME, if you are interested in sponsoring or scheduling a video game tournament.