We believe fundraisers should be well…FUN. They shouldn’t involve your kids going door-to-door selling candy and gift wrap that no one really needs. GameStar Mobile loves helping in and around our local communities! If you are looking for a unique fundraiser that puts us to work for you, we offer a 50/50 raffle, video game tournaments and a number of other activities and event. Fill out our online form and we will get back to you in 24 hours or give us a call at 855-317-GAME to book your GameStar fundraiser today!

How does it work?home_sport_heading_sep

We donate a 2 or 3 hour party event for you to raffle off. We then work with you to mutually advertise your fundraiser. Then we pull up to your location to help sell tickets! We split the funds 50/50.

home_sport_heading_sepWho can do a fundraiser?

We most often work with schools, Park Districts, Boy/Girl Scouts, Libraries and Child Care Centers. Not sure if you qualify – – – Call 855-317-GAME for details.

How does GSM help advertise our fundraiser?

We use Twitter, Facebook, and our website and we contact all the people we know!

What happen to any extra money?

It’s all YOURS!!!

Ready to Book a Fundraiser that is actually FUN? Fill out our online form and we will get back to you in 24 hours or give us a call at 1(855)317-GAME to book your GSM INDY fundraiser today!
What to expect when you book your fundraiser
First we will work together with you to establish a date and time that best suits your event.
We will discuss location and weather conditions on your date to determine what will be most comfortable for your Gamers. Our trailer is equipped with Heat/AC and provides shelter from the elements. We will Game rain, snow or shine!
A GSM Coach will contact you a few days prior to your event to discuss appropriate games, special requests, needs, as well as any other details.
The GSM Coach will call to confirm these details on the day before your event.
We will arrive 20 minutes before the start time of your event to set up.
At the end of your event the funds are split on the spot!